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BRAIN EATING BASTARDS! New weekly MC DEATH BEAR Instagram web comic!

May 26, 2014

So, I’ve had the idea for a cartoon/ comic book called BRAIN EATING BASTARDS in the back of my head for literally years. The story is based around my real life one armed friend Aaron who spends his time in a post-apocalypic world killing everyone he ever hated (Ex’s, Landlords, shitty bar patrons) now that they are in zombie form and just being an all around outlaw bad ass. I even did some character designs and sample animations around 2009 for it, but after moving away to Brooklyn and leaving my flash animation job in Ithaca the project never went anywhere and just sat in the back of my mind.

Be a couple months ago, Meet a cool dude named Patrick J. Reilly who works a comic book shop while I’m bouncing at a bar. Mention I always had an idea for a comic book, invites me to do a web comic launch at the shop Carmine Street Comics in Manhattan. BOOM DONE! So I’d really like to thank Patrick, and all of the people at Carmine Street Comics for having me and all of my friends who popped in to hangout! This will get cool, I promise a lot of zombie bears and all around grossness.



I live drew the very first panel^ while at Carmine Street Comics


Old Character designs and other bullshit after the cut



June 12, 2009

I’VE COME TO EAT YO BRAINZZZZ! I just finished my DOPE FACE DA ZOMBIE custom Mighty Mugg! I started out with a neon green base coat and misted blue, yellow, and pink spray paint all over him to add a nasty rotting skin looking texture. Then added red spray paint all over his arms to make it look like he has been ripping humans apart ha. After that I took a shapie to draw in the face and body detail. With some acrylic paint I touched up the eye sockets and teeth. I made a tongue out of clay, baked it, painted it pink, and then hot glued it to the side of his mouth. This is my first ever custom toy and would love to hear some feed back!

rancor 014

Picture 037

Picture 035

Picture 034

Picture 036

Picture 033

Picture 038