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January 28, 2014

Anyone remember this game? Shit ruled.

You know I usually never really do coloring like this… I prefer to to use black as my negative space/shading (Much like Hellboy, Sin City ect.) but seeing how these aren’t my bear designs I decided to change it up… Plus I think it adds to the over all gross look I’m going for. Like I said I’m going to be doing some more pop culture drawings… so expect a lot of Sega/Super NES characters, Pro Wrestlers, and cool movie bad guys soon.




RISE FROM YOUR GRAVE t-shirt design

June 23, 2010

RISE FROM YOUR GRAVE! This limited edition t-shirt will be available at this years OTAKCON convention being sold at the MAD GEAR BOOTH! I hand cut the 2 color stencil design, sprayed it, then scanned it into photoshop to create this 64-bit goodness! I’ll post pictures of the finished silk screen t-shirts when they come back from the printers!