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Sometimes I just make epic shit…

June 12, 2014

My buddy Scott rented a Lake house and invited all of us old school bros from Ithaca to come back to visit. He asked me to make a t-shirt design for the week and said “It can be whatever” so I just drew the coolest things I could think of Andre The Giant, Grave Digger, Pabst Blue Ribbon, and the epic arm wrestling match from Predator. I was suppose to give this to him a week or so ago and but I’m the worst and I’m always late with everything…. so I knocked this out this morning lol.


Also quick….
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April 19, 2012

I was back in Ithaca NY visiting old friends, in between getting pathetically drunk and shot down by every girl on the face of the earth I managed to fit some tagging in. I miss you Ithaca…Shits sucked since I moved from you… I just wished there was more for me there besides just bouncing clubs until I died #chasingtheamericandream

22inch MC DEATH BEAR sticker tag

17inch Blue Bear of DEATH sticker tag


The tag under this sucked and is from a guy who defaces my stuff #sorrybro

MAUL THEM ALL! New art show @The Westy

October 10, 2011

MC DEATH BEAR is coming back to Ithaca for his 7th solo art show MAUL THEM ALL @ The Westy! Featuring new prints and stencils by the biggest name in Upstate NY street art! Plus the premier of a brand new mural on the front gate of the Westy by the Death Bear! Not only that but DJ CUTMAN will be spinning chiptune video game music during the opening to make this the dopest event possible! So come out to The Westy, get some pints, and check out some dope art this Halloween weekend!

Also don’t forget MC DEATH BEAR and TOAT ORIG present GHOUL SCHOOL @Delilah’s Friday Oct 28th (The day before!) THE BEST HALLOWEEN PARTY IN ITHACA! Dance parties, Street Art, pints of beer! Shits going to be so CA$H

Death Bear don’t DIE, he MULTIPLY

April 6, 2011

A ton of my stickers tags got ripped down by random haters… So I’m replacing all of them with even bigger sticker tags… Come at me bro

6 stickers put together, cut out, and hand drawn with sharpies and paint pens

EDIT: Some jabroni’s already tried ripping this down, they managed only to get the word bubble with my name so I decided to replace it last night

ITHACA IS DEAD 5/14/2011

March 7, 2011

MC DEATH BEAR is back and throwing another BANGER! ITHACA IS DEAD May 14th, 18 and up, $5 cover 9pm-1am @ Delilah’s on Cayuga 112 Cayuga St. Ithaca NY. Prepare yourself for the DIREST, DOPEST, FILTHIEST, DANCE PARTY THIS TOWN HAS EVER HAD! If you came out to EAT THE WEAK you’ll know that this show is going to be complete MURDER! Line up includes two of the most notorious and premiere DJ’s who are destroying the scene right now, Buffalo NY’s MARIO B and DJ BONES! Cornell’s freshest and upcoming electro group BONER COPZ and opening the show will be Ithaca College’s NIGHT FINGERS has busted on the scene by destroying the Ithaca Commons on his electro nights. Plus visuals by my good friend MALT DISNEY which will all be making this night the sickest electro show humanly possible! So drink the 4loko’s you’ve been saving and DANCE ON GRAVES because ITHACA IS DEAD and we’re going to KILL IT!



December 2, 2010

My 5th solo art show and my 2nd art show @HomeGrown Board Shop in Ithaca NY will be Jan 28th 7pm-9pm. The show will include new large scale stencils and pixel art and will also feature a performance by break dance troop Absolute Zero!


The EAT THE WEAK after party will be at Delilah’s on Cayuga (upstairs loft) directly following the art show from 9pm-1am. 21 and up, $5 cover and will feature music by DJ CUTMAN, ELECTRIC MAYHEM, DJ BONES and DR.Z! So much electro, dubstep and chiptunes you’ll go and eat the weakest person you know! Come out, dance on graves, and support the DEATH BEAR!



September 4, 2010

BIG BEAR! 80×30 inch 2 color hand cut stencil. I then hand painted the lime green acrylic outline and misted hot pink, blue and white spray paint in the background. Pretty much the biggest work of art I’ve made to date. I’ll try and get some better pictures of the finished piece super soon. BIG BEAR was apart of my DANCE ON YOUR GRAVE art show in July. Speaking of DANCE ON YOUR GRAVE my buddy Jacob Barber (The RAD dude who made the DEATH BEAR RISING video) is editing footage from that art show for me! I’ll post it once it’s done… gunna be ultra RAD!

MC DEATH BEAR gunna blow up

BIG BEAR in progress… next to DANCE ON YOUR GRAVE

2 layer hand cut stencil


August 18, 2010

For my DANCE ON YOUR GRAVE art show I made a 30×20 acrylic painting recreation of my AMERICA IS DEAD sticker tags. Red Skull has always been my favorite super villain.


July 13, 2010

DJ CUTMAN is playing another set at Waffle Frolic and asked me to hook him up with a flyer because I’m an amazingly, overly awesome friend (Yesterday I helped him moved a couch and a HUGE TV in to his new apartment too.. yea you wish you had friends like me LOL). So I took the giant waffle monster I made up from the last flyer and redrew him fighting a huge evil hunk of fried chicken… Yup….I’m insane LOL. So yea come by the show his friday,… Waffles and chiptunes?! Why…. YES PLEASE!

ALSO me and ZOMGROB will be recording the first ever SICKDAMAGE.COM PODCAST tonight…. follow me on twitter or facebook for updates because I like to keep this blog strictly about my art work.


July 8, 2010


My buddy Dr.Z asked me to help him hype of his dance party this friday. So I pounded this flyer out in 15 minutes lol