Book MC DEATH BEAR at your next art gallery opening, video game/animation convetion! Booked MC DEATH BEAR to paint a mural at you shop or dope apartment. Want MC DEATH BEAR to make t-shirt designs for your clothes line!? Pound out dope flies for your next party or event?! Maybe you want the DEATH BEAR to german suplex your boss! Get ahold of the BIG MAN HERE!

I specialize in Flash Animator, Apparel Design, Logo design and most important Stencil cutting! I am always looking to work with new people who have fresh ideas and want dope designs. if you want tips about tagging, want to send me some fan art or maybe you just wanna say hi! Please E-mail me and I will 100% reply back to you!



3 Responses to “CONTACT”

  1. scott t Says:

    hey deathbear, i was wondering how to keep stencils flush against a surface, especially areas with fine details and thin strips? i’ve tried cutting tape and putting it on before i go out but it always loses stickiness by the time i get to the target. and ideas? thanks.

    oh, i also have a post on, its from a while ago but i saw you’re on their blogroll. search “djt” on the site.

    take it easy and thanks again

  2. Shane Says:


    Like the stencils… I met OUTLAW a little while back, I didnt get his name, but I see you are friends with him. I also see you work at Moxing Box. I am still trying to get a job there or an internship. I’d like to meet up with you because I am doing a BMX video, but I want to incorporate street art in the video. Im working right now with my crew from NYC, but I want some stuff up here in ithaca. let me know, Im up all over ithaca, SHAME, SMEN, PTB, TSC, FLO KREW, right now I am mostly filming and have just been doing throwies, I want to get some actual stenciling on film.

    I also have a place you can put up some legal wall art, it might get covered up, but it would be a good place to work on some projects. on my facebook you can find some pics but the majority are not stencils on my facebook.

    -Shane Scarofile

  3. Paul Weston Says:

    The Cowboy Kings of sticker culture Paul Weston & DB in association with Erik Foss
    & FUSE Gallery present..

    “The Royal Flush”

    A toilet sticker invitational exhibition.

    If you’d like to have your sticker designs installed as part of the Fuse Gallery/Lit
    Bar toilets instillation, simply submit your stickers to the address below. (4 stickers limit per artist)
    When the curators feel they have enough quality works to cover every surface of
    the bathrooms, a date will be set for the exhibition & party to celebrate.

    Royal Flush Sticker Exhibition
    55 Washington St
    suite 658
    Brooklyn NY 11201

    * no stickers will be returned or make it out alive from the toilets.

    Other projects

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