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Sometimes I just make epic shit…

June 12, 2014

My buddy Scott rented a Lake house and invited all of us old school bros from Ithaca to come back to visit. He asked me to make a t-shirt design for the week and said “It can be whatever” so I just drew the coolest things I could think of Andre The Giant, Grave Digger, Pabst Blue Ribbon, and the epic arm wrestling match from Predator. I was suppose to give this to him a week or so ago and but I’m the worst and I’m always late with everything…. so I knocked this out this morning lol.


Also quick….
Do you know I am the manager/creative director for Brooklyn Pro Wrestler “The Hipster Heartthrob” Casanova Valentine?! Follow his IG, FB, Twitter.

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January 8, 2014

Cobra Commander, because I’ve never drawn him before ha. I’m going to be adding a MERCH section really soon! For t-shirts and prints! So, that’ll be dope right?!



November 26, 2013

Yo Yo, New sticker tag… I’m working on some new stuff that isn’t a pink bear (Shocking right?) including Cobra Commander, Skeletor, and a zombie Hulk Hogan… peek back soon!



February 25, 2013

“Oh Boo Boo, You know I’ll HEAD CLAW you last”

Sticker design of Daddy Von Erick Iron Clawing this guy’s skull to mush, pretty sure this will be a t-shirt too. I’m going to have next level merch for my wrestling shows. I can’t wait till my life consists of traveling the east coast, head clawing and tagging every new town I’m in #2013YEAROFTHEBEAR



Sketch Book Vol:2

January 29, 2013

“I’m going to eat a Chicago deep dish pizza on your grave, while I neti pot the blood of your family through my nose…PUSSY” #MCDeathBear

New Moleskine, new doodles, getting my sticker designs ready for my Brooklyn take over. For those of you who don’t know… I’ve been training to become a pro wrestler at NEW YORK WRESTLING CONNECTION for the past 5 months which has been taking up most of my time and money… Once I get the date of my debut I’ll be throwing a HUGE AFTER PARTY. Why grow up when you can be fucking awesome forever?



Sketch Book Vol:1

August 13, 2012


When I’m bouncing/doing doors at bars I like to doodle and work out ideas in my sketch book when its slow. People always come up to me and ask me about my drawings so I decided to start posting some of em here on my blog. So now you can see some current stuff I’m working on, plus it wont be like a month gap between posts lol.

See, I don’t always just draw bears lol

Working out some new sticker designs

Hot pink cross… what do ya think?