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BRAIN EATING BASTARDS! New weekly MC DEATH BEAR Instagram web comic!

May 26, 2014

So, I’ve had the idea for a cartoon/ comic book called BRAIN EATING BASTARDS in the back of my head for literally years. The story is based around my real life one armed friend Aaron who spends his time in a post-apocalypic world killing everyone he ever hated (Ex’s, Landlords, shitty bar patrons) now that they are in zombie form and just being an all around outlaw bad ass. I even did some character designs and sample animations around 2009 for it, but after moving away to Brooklyn and leaving my flash animation job in Ithaca the project never went anywhere and just sat in the back of my mind.

Be a couple months ago, Meet a cool dude named Patrick J. Reilly who works a comic book shop while I’m bouncing at a bar. Mention I always had an idea for a comic book, invites me to do a web comic launch at the shop Carmine Street Comics in Manhattan. BOOM DONE! So I’d really like to thank Patrick, and all of the people at Carmine Street Comics for having me and all of my friends who popped in to hangout! This will get cool, I promise a lot of zombie bears and all around grossness.



I live drew the very first panel^ while at Carmine Street Comics


Old Character designs and other bullshit after the cut



May 6, 2014

So keeping up with my zombie pro wrestlers, I just knocked out this Andre The Giant/Hulk Hogan WRESTLEMANIA 3 zombie stare down. I saw some clothes lines with Zombie Wrestler shirts and it bummed be out… its hard to be original in the world today mang. But seeing how “Regular show” already had an episode with “THE DEATH BEAR” and everyone confuses my Death Bears for Mishka anyway I figured, Whatever I’ll just keep on doing what I want.

Someone want to give me a job?



March 12, 2014

Zombie Ultimate Warrior… with his skin peeled off where is face paint should be. Hell fucking yea right?!

I gotta tell you, I feel like every time I draw something… it becomes the newest “BEST THING I’VE EVER DONE!” and its such a good feeling.

I’m kinda sick of being a broke ass… I’m going to work on being internet famous now lol.




February 20, 2014

Whhaattt chhhaaa guunnaa duuuu, when the pink, neon green, purple, red, and yellow, run wild on you BRUTHUR!!!!!

I’m going to add this to red bubble so you can order t-shirts and prints, once I figure out how to do that lol. I’ll update this soon!




January 28, 2014

Anyone remember this game? Shit ruled.

You know I usually never really do coloring like this… I prefer to to use black as my negative space/shading (Much like Hellboy, Sin City ect.) but seeing how these aren’t my bear designs I decided to change it up… Plus I think it adds to the over all gross look I’m going for. Like I said I’m going to be doing some more pop culture drawings… so expect a lot of Sega/Super NES characters, Pro Wrestlers, and cool movie bad guys soon.




July 13, 2010

DJ CUTMAN is playing another set at Waffle Frolic and asked me to hook him up with a flyer because I’m an amazingly, overly awesome friend (Yesterday I helped him moved a couch and a HUGE TV in to his new apartment too.. yea you wish you had friends like me LOL). So I took the giant waffle monster I made up from the last flyer and redrew him fighting a huge evil hunk of fried chicken… Yup….I’m insane LOL. So yea come by the show his friday,… Waffles and chiptunes?! Why…. YES PLEASE!

ALSO me and ZOMGROB will be recording the first ever SICKDAMAGE.COM PODCAST tonight…. follow me on twitter or facebook for updates because I like to keep this blog strictly about my art work.


June 9, 2010

Newest flyer I made for this weekends up coming DR.Z vs. DJ CUTMAN show! I know I’ve been doing a ton of flyer work lately but make sure to check back… I have 3 new t-shirt designs coming out soon along with alot of tagging I’ll be doing in the next couple weeks!


May 24, 2010

Check out this dope flyer I just made for DJ CUTMAN’s upcoming set at Waffle Frolic in Ithaca NY. Giant Waffle monster fighting a robot?! Why… YES PLEASE!


May 4, 2010

My good friend DJ CUT MAN got booked to play this weekend at WILDFIRE in Ithaca NY. I designed a DJ CUTMAN character for him and I made him ruffing up Mega Man a bit lol. Video game dance parties?! Why… YES PLEASE!


April 22, 2010

My 4th solo art show DANCE ON YOUR GRAVE will be July 2nd, 7-9pm @HomeGrown Board Shop Ithaca, NY. I plan on making all new stencils and pixel/lego for the show! Also my good friend DJ CUTMAN will be playing video game music/chip-tunes at the opening! Be there DEATH BEAR CUBS!

The DANCE ON YOUR GRAVE after party will be at Pixel Lounge starting at 10pm, 21 and up, no cover, and will be DJed by overly dope Buffalo NY based DJ… MARIO B! So after checking out the dope art work DANCE ON SOME GRAVES!

The most epic flyer I’ve ever made… a Zombie Bear with a chainsaw hand?! Yea that just happened LOL