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BRAIN EATING BASTARDS! New weekly MC DEATH BEAR Instagram web comic!

May 26, 2014

So, I’ve had the idea for a cartoon/ comic book called BRAIN EATING BASTARDS in the back of my head for literally years. The story is based around my real life one armed friend Aaron who spends his time in a post-apocalypic world killing everyone he ever hated (Ex’s, Landlords, shitty bar patrons) now that they are in zombie form and just being an all around outlaw bad ass. I even did some character designs and sample animations around 2009 for it, but after moving away to Brooklyn and leaving my flash animation job in Ithaca the project never went anywhere and just sat in the back of my mind.

Be a couple months ago, Meet a cool dude named Patrick J. Reilly who works a comic book shop while I’m bouncing at a bar. Mention I always had an idea for a comic book, invites me to do a web comic launch at the shop Carmine Street Comics in Manhattan. BOOM DONE! So I’d really like to thank Patrick, and all of the people at Carmine Street Comics for having me and all of my friends who popped in to hangout! This will get cool, I promise a lot of zombie bears and all around grossness.



I live drew the very first panel^ while at Carmine Street Comics


Old Character designs and other bullshit after the cut



November 5, 2013

YOYOYOYOYOYO! 1st off, I haven’t made a post since April?! Damn… really? Well in that time I’ve managed to quit my job, skip out on going to the gym, take a break from pro wrestling training, and housed a good… 666 white castle cheese burgers. Its been a pretty epic downward spinal lol. But don’t worry Death Bear cubs I’m not dead, just broke… So very… very broke lol.

But YO! Fuck that, I feel good and I feel like good shit is coming my way… and what better way to kick off the comeback then a MASSIVE-DEATH-BEAR at the Gowanus Print Lab. Hopefully this will lead to me knocking out some new t-shirt designs (get exited! maybe… I dunno… I’ll prolly forget about doing em.. let downs are kinda my thing lol). Please, Please… Follow me on INSTAGRAM and TWITTER if you’re not already… I update those every single day and I discuss the finer points of Pro wrestling, fist fights, and the ratchet ass girls on OK Cupid, and sometimes… my street art. Its the best way to stay in touch… I wait till I get post worthy stuff before I put it here on the blog… which, apparently… doesn’t happen often enough ha. I think with the free time I have (employment) I’ll punch this site up!

Thank you to Lindsay and Ashley at the lab for putting this together! You ladies are great.



Progress photos under the cut


MC DEATH BEAR featured in Electrify Mag

February 26, 2013


First kind of press I’ve gotten since moving to Brooklyn… feels good bro. Thanks to Alexandra Aller for interviewing me over the phone and writing this up. Respect-6


May 11, 2012


A buddy of mine gave him a skate board and asked me to paint one of my bears on it for him. I used mostly paint pens and some acrylic. I’d love to get my own official silk screen boards made some day. Would love to add a dope shop to my blog. I got a new DOMESTIC T-shirt coming out! Deets soon!

GOLD WHISTLE THE PARTY special guest DJ Doddie w/ WCKids Yamez Dirtyfinger ft. Guest Host MC DEATH BEAR

February 27, 2012

GOLD WHISTLE THE PARTY Feb 28th 11pm-4am NO COVER Lit Basement 93 2nd ave NYC.

Yo, my main man DJ DirtyFinger asked me to be the guest host for the next GOLD WHISTLE party this Tuesday at the Lit Basement. In return I hooked them him up with this flier of a pink bear holding an ak-47, rocking an eye patch, and with a cigar hanging out of his mouth. Yes, I only draw epic shit now lol. If you’re a DEATH BEAR fan, or just enjoy raging in Brooklyn come roll through and hangout with some dope people.


MC DEATH BEAR just the beginning

December 23, 2011

Things have been pretty rough for the DEATH BEAR since moving to Brooklyn. After a break up, some fist fights, and a bunch of self loathing later I found myself at a pretty low point in my life. Just when shit was looking the bleakest the good news started rolling in.

Nothing is 100% confirmed yet and I’ll post new info on my TWITTER and FACEBOOK PAGE when it comes out… but I’m currently in talks with to make limited edition stencils, Domestic Apparel Projects for a new t-shirt design, NY Comic Con about a booth next year, and hopefully an art opening on the West Coast. Its crazy how fast things can turn around. If you want something, you have to DO WORK and take it. TAG UNTIL THEY KNOW YOU!

BEAR SKELETON 12 inch sticker tag Dyker Heights BK

WATER BOARD THEM WITH 4LOKO 12 inch sticker tag Park Slope BK

BEAR ROAR 22 inch sticker tag 79th St. BK


November 7, 2011

MOOMHAHTON! WITCH HOUSE! DUBSTEP! Saturday Nov 26th 11pm-4pm 21 and Up- $5 Cover!@ UNION HALL 702 Union St. Brooklyn NY

UNION HALL, GET READY TO DANCE ON GRAVES! Because the goons behind TOATS ORIG are coming back to MURDER THE PLACE ONE MORE TIME! If you were at the first DEAD IS THE NEW DOPE then you’ll know this is going to be the SICKEST PARTY IN PARK SLOPE EVER! We bring screaming MC’s, visuals, and have everyone in the joint dancing on stage! Featuring DJ BONES, MARIO BEE and MIKE PORNO! Who will be playing nothing but the very best and current electro, dubstep, witch house and moombahton jams!

Plus this show is being sponsored by the heads at Whadafunk Clothing Co. and NAKED SOCIETY! Dope jamz and dope threadz?! Shits going to be SO CA$H


MC DEATH BEAR article featured in the Ithaca Times

November 5, 2011

A write up about my last art show MAUL THEM ALL was featured in the Ithaca Times. Its actually a pretty great review of my work and I was so happy to read it. I’d like to thank Warren Greenwood for taking the time to write this article and for the Ithaca Times for taking the time to feature me. Thank you everyone for all the support. READ HERE


October 12, 2011

This past weekend I painted a large mural on the front gate of The Westy in Ithaca NY. The Mural is apart of my latest art show MAUL THEM ALL that will be hosted there Oct 29th. Painting this was actually a pretty grueling process but I am so overly happy with the final result. After fighting with my projector, I decided to just paint this bear free hand… by just looking at the original picture on my iphone for reference. Which, was hard ha. But after a full weekend of work I think its one of my dopest works to date.

This is the original drawing in my sketch book


MAUL THEM ALL! New art show @The Westy

October 10, 2011

MC DEATH BEAR is coming back to Ithaca for his 7th solo art show MAUL THEM ALL @ The Westy! Featuring new prints and stencils by the biggest name in Upstate NY street art! Plus the premier of a brand new mural on the front gate of the Westy by the Death Bear! Not only that but DJ CUTMAN will be spinning chiptune video game music during the opening to make this the dopest event possible! So come out to The Westy, get some pints, and check out some dope art this Halloween weekend!

Also don’t forget MC DEATH BEAR and TOAT ORIG present GHOUL SCHOOL @Delilah’s Friday Oct 28th (The day before!) THE BEST HALLOWEEN PARTY IN ITHACA! Dance parties, Street Art, pints of beer! Shits going to be so CA$H