Girls seems interested, proceed to tell her how poor you are and how you can’t wait for Wrestlemania #wayofthebear

So I wanted to wait to post this until the large scale wheat paste that I’m planning to make out of this is done and posted up somewhere in Brooklyn but I’m just kind of too excited to show you guys. I’ll come back and update this post once there are pics of this on the streets. So yea I drew Beebop from Ninja Turtles as gross as I could… was going for the old school MAD BALS look. Also I’m pretty happy with how well the coloring came out because I don’t really color this detailed often. Plus I only have my laptop so i did this all with just my built in mouse pad on my laptop… i should prolly buy a tablet and learn how to use it soon ha. I usually like to wait until a work is completely done before making a post about it so that why this blog isn’t updated everyday but I’m making art and new projects nonstop… so if you’d like to see more work in progress stuff and more just like sketches follow me on Twitter and like my Facebook fan page… I’m really active on twitter… maybe too much lol.

I’m heading to Ithaca this weekend to reclaim some old spots and to see some old friends… I’ll have a lot of new pictures soon! Also to all my fans on twitter and who have e-mailed me about getting stickers… I’ll be mailing those out to you soon! just been pretty broke lol. Respect


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