This past weekend I painted a large mural on the front gate of The Westy in Ithaca NY. The Mural is apart of my latest art show MAUL THEM ALL that will be hosted there Oct 29th. Painting this was actually a pretty grueling process but I am so overly happy with the final result. After fighting with my projector, I decided to just paint this bear free hand… by just looking at the original picture on my iphone for reference. Which, was hard ha. But after a full weekend of work I think its one of my dopest works to date.

This is the original drawing in my sketch book


First I’d like to thank Tim the owner of The Westy for contacting me for this show, buying the paint, and being an all around great person. My buddy Scott who on the last day, helped me roller out the background so I could finish in time and make my bus back to Brooklyn. I’d also would like to thank all the people who came out to watch me paint and to talk with me while I worked. I strive so very hard and very much want to be a full time artist with his own studio, toy deal, T-shirts and gallery shows. I’m so determined but there have been times I’ve considered giving up on my dreams of being an artist because sometimes I feel like no one cares or notices all my efforts….So to have so many great people come out and tell me how much they love my art work, love seeing new tags, and how they follow my blog really meant so much to me. I can’t tell you how great this weekend was for my soul and how its refocused me to become the next big name in the scene. Thank you Ithaca…


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One Response to “MAUL THEM ALL MURAL”

  1. Casey Duffy Says:

    Where is my special thanks?!

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