Millennium Falcon & Death Star Stencils @Pixel Lounge

I got a spot to spray paint on the side of Pixel Lounge and decided the dopest things I haven’t done yet were a stencil of the Millennium Falcon and of the Death Star. The space is a lot bigger then I originally thought so there is still a ton of room to add stuff up there. So on a later date I’m going to go back up and add some star destroyers, x-wings, laser beams, and make it an all out space battle.


With the help of my buddy Anti-Price, I taped the spot off and rolled it with a flat black, then misted white spray paint to make it look like stars in the background. Then I got on a step stool and started to spray paint the layers while Anti-price helped me press the stencils down and make sure I wasn’t over misting. Both of the designs are two color hand cut stencils and I’m pretty pleased with how they came out. Also quick advice to any other street artists out there, don’t do a project that will take you longer then an hour if it is December, my hands were so cold I couldn’t tell how hard I was pressing the spray can ha.

Detail shots of the Falcon:






Anti-Price looking like Ryu Hayabusa

Thank you to Pixel Lounge for letting me tag their place, Anti-price for the helping hands, and to everyone who checks my blog out… I appreciate it so much

One Love


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One Response to “Millennium Falcon & Death Star Stencils @Pixel Lounge”

  1. milfodd Says:

    Nice work! Thanks for the share.
    What sort of card are you using for the stencils? Are you cutting it with a regular x-acto knife?

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