Noticed someone tried to rip down one of my sticker tags… maybe its the guys who do the monster tag I hate oh so much LOL. If so that means the war is gunna heat up LOL. They forgot one things though…. YOU COME AT THE KING YA BEST NOT MISS!




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2 Responses to “HATERS GUNNA HATE”

  1. L Says:

    Nah wasn’t me, Most of the people who rip down stickers there are the ‘good samaritans’ just like any other college/tourist town in NY. I’m against ripping down other people’s art.
    If it’s anybody respectful that is a writer they would leave a name.

    • mcdeathbear Says:

      Well I don’t consider some of the quick free hand writing, Art. So now and then I will cover it. I just feel like it takes no skill at all to write “mind sale” on a wall and any of those other tags. I guess I look at it as more of an artist then just writing my name everywhere.

      skillful street art > Spam

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