So when I moved back to Ithaca I noticed that most of my tags have been covered… and while I’ve been stockpiling stencils and sticker tags, waiting for it to get nice out so I can reclaim my spots (Which is now is… so many tags coming soon) I’ve noticed this awful tag everywhere in this town now. Its this loosely hand sprayed monster head and its EVERYWHERE. I mean.. you would think I’d love a tag of a monster right? No… its poorly done, its the same thing over and over… and the tag is just sloppy and ugly. I was even more shocked to see it all over Brooklyn when I went to visit last. WTF?! Listen… I know its a team of you…. and the days of your weak shit tags in my city are fucking done. MC DEATH BEAR is going to cover and tag over all of your spots until you can actually make something worth tagging and not just spamming your awful shit. I got a team together headed by me and OUTLAW and we’re kicking you out of OUR city.

You come at the king… YOU BETTER NOT MISS!



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