CHECK OUT THIS VIDEO DOCUMENTARY ABOUT MC DEATH BEAR made by my good friend Jake Barber! Jake came up to Ithaca NY and recorded footage from my art show RETURN OF THE DEATH BEAR along with getting interviews with me where I discuss how I got the name MC DEATH BEAR, my art show, lego art, and what keeps me driven to becoming a famous street artist. I am VERY happy with how this came out! Big Thanks to Jake for making this video! (ps: Sorry for all the cuss words mom and dad lol)


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5 Responses to “DEATH BEAR RISING”

  1. George Says:

    The stencil are pretty cool, keep up the work, and i agree bears are dope as hell and can kill just about anyone

  2. Lenard Trider Says:

    Yet another interesting post, keep em coming!

  3. Camiseta: Os Ursos estão chegando? « Factóide! Says:

    […] a pena acompanhar as aventuras do MC Death Bear e seus […]

  4. scott t Says:

    dig the dj shadow tracks in the background


    […] art show in July. Speaking of DANCE ON YOUR GRAVE my buddy Jacob Barber (The RAD dude who made the DEATH BEAR RISING video) is editing footage from that art show for me! I’ll post it once it’s done… gunna […]

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