M.Bison is the boss of you II


(Better pictures coming in the morning) My newest painting.. and its M mother fuckin BISON! Based off a sticker tag I made of the same name that you can see here. I will be posting TONS of video game themed artwork in the next couple weeks because I’m gearing up for my booth at MAGFest. I’ve already started tons of new Lego 8-bit art, custom toys, and stencils! GET HYPED!

UPDATES/NEWS: I’ll be starting my stencil cutting lessons here in Ithaca NY next week! There will be a post with more info! I had an art show fall through but I’m hoping to have one booked sometime after MAGFest! But the good news is I was just interviewed for a street art documentary today! When its finished and online I’ll post it here! BIG THINGS!


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2 Responses to “M.Bison is the boss of you II”

  1. Sam H. Says:

    yo dude, that turned out ill

  2. Stacey Rivet Says:

    I love all of your artwork! :O)

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