I also blog for another site called which me and my friends from college run. I just finished making this RAD flyer for a party we’re throwing called the TURKEY STOMP! Its going to be a VIDEO GAME DANCE PARTY headlined by famous electro artist VIKING and featuring Young Enough, CJMilli, and The Grenade! Saturday Nov 28th 10:30pm @ the Jammin’ Java in Vienna, VA. $5 tickets, ALL AGES!


MORE INFO AFTER THE CUT authors MC DEATH BEAR (me!), ZomgRob, Meat Whistle, and nickthetorpedo will all be there. We will be at the Anime USA convention handing out fliers to promote this show!!! With a ton of help from The Grenade we have completely HOOKED THIS SHOW UP! Check out what you can expect!


  • Drink specials all night!
  • Sponsored by the video gaming convention MAGFest who will be handing out t-shirts and giving away a some free entry badges for this years convention!
  • Photography all night by the super hawt Liz Swain!
  • Arcade games including Turtles in Time, Hogan’s Alley, Donkey Kong, Mario Brothers, and Super Street Fighter 2!
  • Get a chance to play (lose) Super Smash Brothers Melee against professional gamer PC CHRIS!
  • Video Game world champion Benjamin Daniels will be attempting to break his Super Mario 3 world record during the party!
  • Last but not least, make out with MC DEATH BEAR! (LOL)

this event is going to be great. tell all of your friends! You can visit the event’s Facebook page HERE. Invite any cool cats ya want. See ya there!


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