70 inch, 4 color, hand cut BOSSK STENCIL! This was originally suppose to be sprayed on the side of a building but things fell through… Then I decided to spray it on wood but then it rained almost every single day here in Ithaca NY pushing this back more and more. I still need to touch it up and add some splatter paint to the background but go figure its starting to rain again ha. I’m just to sick of waiting so here it is, BOSSK as of now! I’ll post newer pics once its 100% finished. If anyone is interested in buying this once its done e-mail me

Progress pictures:



My buddy Nick posing with Bossk to give you an idea of the scale:


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One Response to “BOSSK STENCIL LIVES!”

  1. Sam H. Says:

    Sickness dude!!!! I think it turned out great.

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