If I ever start my own clothesline… it’ll be called DANCE ON YOUR GRAVE. The weather has been bad in Ithaca so I haven’t been able to tag Bossk yet… but within the next couple days it should be up! Love… MC DEATH BEAR

danceonyourgave copy


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2 Responses to “DANCE ON YOUR GRAVE”

  1. Dancing on FRESHEST4CGN’s grave! « MC DEATH BEAR Says:

    […] to host his own dance parties with his new event promotion FRESHEST4CGN. He asked to use my DANCE ON YOUR GRAVE skeleton break dancer cartoon to add to his flyers and I completely agreed! I’m hoping to […]

  2. FRESHEST – bis nach upstate new york « fresh – fresher – freshest Says:

    […] verwirklichen können. sein anteil am jetzigen artwork ist der breakdancer, auf den wir im original hier aufmerksam geworden sind. in wahrheit war das ganze motto “dance on your grave” einer […]

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