MET to the ROID

So I’m going through my computer today and I found some cool old stuff to post! I made these by putting blobs of acrylic paint on a canvas board… spraying the paint with a water bottle, then pressing down another canvas board on top of it, then pulling it off to see what it looked like all squish up. I didn’t really know what to do with these after I made them so one night I got really bored and just added some photoshopping to them. BOOM there you have it ha. I later used the same idea to make my micro bacteria paintings for MRC




There will be a lot more video game/lego art to get ready for Magfest 8 and a ton more stencil and street art coming soon. I’ve just been really really really bizzy because I just moved from Alexandria VA back to Ithaca NY to take a job at Moving Box Studios. I’ll be doing logos and animation for them. Along with making NEW PURGATORY PIZZAS and starting my next cartoon BRAIN EATING BASTARDS! Please stay tuned!


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