Bacteria paintings?! But MC DEATH BEAR where’s Boba Fett?!

I was commissioned by MRC (Microbial Research Consulting) to do paintings of bacteria for their website, and also for their sister company Micro Bios Inc.

It was pretty crazy to jump from drawing bears, zombies and star wars characters to bacteria ha. But even though its not what I’m used to making, I really enjoyed working on these. I hope you like them. I ended up making close to 50 some paintings but these are my favorite!







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2 Responses to “Bacteria paintings?! But MC DEATH BEAR where’s Boba Fett?!”

  1. Caoimhe Über Alles Says:

    Dude, seriously wtf. How the hell do you get to do all this cool shit?

  2. MET to the ROID « MC DEATH BEAR Says:

    […] MET to the ROID By mcdeathbear So I’m going through my computer today and I found some cool old stuff to post! I made these by putting blobs of acrylic paint on a canvas board… spraying the paint with a water bottle, then pressing down another canvas board on top of it, then pulling it off to see what it looked like all squish up. I didn’t really know what to do with these after I made them so one night I got really bored and just added some photoshopping to them. BOOM there you have it ha. I later used the same idea to make my micro bacteria paintings for MRC […]

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